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Miss Gabi

A Bit About Me

Miss Gabi is a fourth grade teacher at High Tech Elementary Explorer in San Diego, California. She fell in love with Project Based Learning (PBL) when she transferred to High Tech High North County as a freshman. Since that fateful day, Miss Gabi has made it her mission to pursue PBL in any and all ways possible. She attended the University of the Arts London for her Bachelor's Degree (a project based school in the U.K.) and is currently earning her Master's Degree at High Tech High Graduate School of Education. She is passionate about ethnic studies, critical pedagogy, and social emotional learning. In her spare time, she loves to cook, hike, and lay in the sun on the beach. Miss Gabi's biggest hope and dream is to create a classroom community where every student feels safe, loved, supported, and equal. Miss Gabi understands that the systems in this country were not built for most of her students and is deeply committed to advocating for them and loving them as if they are her own. Miss Gabi is made up of everything you see on the left and would love to chat about all things food, hiking, traveling, and sunshine. 

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